Watermarking your photos has never been easier.

Protect Your Photographs

The work you put into your photographs and images deserves to be protected - and watermarking is the way to do it.

Easy (and Free) To Use

Watermark your photos now, for free, forever. Or check out the Pro version for even more cool stuff. Get Started

Works In Your Browser

Nothing to download, nothing to install, nothing to worry about. Works in all modern browsers, instantly.

Use Image or Text Watermarks

You can use your existing watermark image, or create one with text

Change The Color And Size

Change the color and size of your watermark until it's perfect.

Customize On The Fly

Position your photo watermark anywhere on your image so it looks just right.

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What Water Marquee Users are Saying

This is an easy-to-use tool available in basic and pro versions which allows you to add watermarks to your images, giving them the IP protection they deserve. The best bit? It works from within your web browser. Nice.

TheNextWeb.com (view)

Water Marquee makes watermarking your photos fast and easy (and free!)...

Water Marquee doesnt require any downloads; you use it right in your web browser (so you don't have to worry about those annoying software installations taking up time and space on your computer).

This is one of the best watermarking sites I’ve seen. Give it a shot and browse around the site for some awesome examples of what can be done with a simple watermark.

Amy Corman, Amy Corman Photography (view)

If you are going to publish your photographs online and are looking for an easy way to watermark images, check out WaterMarquee.

WaterMarquee is an online tool that allows people to watermark images to protect their copyrights. One of the best things is that you don't have to install any application to complete this task. You have the option to add a text or image as a watermark as well.

MakeUseOf.com (view)

At Water Marquee, you can quickly and easily watermark your photography. In a few easy steps, you can place a watermark on the photos of your choice. You do not have to worry about people stealing your photos anymore. You can get on over to Water Marquee and put an end to that today!

I love this site and I think you will too!!

McGee Times (view)

I have found a pretty cool website where you can very simply watermark your photo. There is nothing more annoying than to see your own photo on someone else's website or blog without any reference or backlinks. It happened to me many times before.

Watermarquee requires no more then 30 seconds to get familiar with it.

When it comes to gadgets like these, my criterias are:

Watermarquee requires no more then 30 seconds to get familiar with it. It's is perfect for the criterias and still provide an obvious result. Your photo will be watermarked within second. I highly recommend it.

Me and my crazymind (view)

Water Marquee is quite simple to use and works in any browser – no need to download and install anything to your computer. It requires only a few steps to add watermark to your photos and can use your existing watermark image, or create one with text within this tool.

From my personal experience, this online tool is really fast and very simple to use.

TechTrickz.com (view)

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